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  • Debra

    Some women are just ignorant,theirs is business as usual pregnancy is a very delicate matter.

  • Marrion

    I don,t be believe there is anything like accidental abortions,All abortions are planned for.

  • Purity

    Some accidental abortion are self willingly, some women smoke and drink a lot of beer which they already know it is harmful to the unborn child.

  • Zack

    Pregnant women should be taken good care of especially by their husbands to avoid accidental abortions for example men should avoid beating their wives.

  • steve

    Sometimes we should not blame mothers when accidental abortions occur. Some of the causes are beyond their control.

  • torin

    Pregnant women need to take extra care on their unborn babies. The fact that the abortion was accidental does not justify this act.