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Woman Has World’s Largest Breasts: Size 102 ZZZ

Annie Hawkins-Turner has the World’s largest breasts talks to Dr. Drew on HLN.

Her bra size is 102 ZZZ and continue to grow. Her breasts weigh around 89 pounds.

She says she gets marks from her zipper on her breasts and blows the horn when she gets into her car.

She admits that it is difficult to live wth and that she suffers from sleep apnea because of it.

She mentioned that she has to be cautious when going down the steps since she cannot see pass her breasts.

Luckily, her yearly mammogram shows positive results.

She told Dr Drew that she has a difficult time looking for a proper bra. She hopes Dr. Drew can help her find someone to build a proper bra.

world's largest breasts

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