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Woman In Jail For Flipping Off Judge (VIDEO)

A Florida woman has been jailed after she flipped off a judge during her court appearance.

Penelope Soto, 18, appeared in bond court for a drug possession hearing.


The woman kept laughing, so judge asked her if she was under the influence.

Before she answered, the judge told Soto, “We’re not in a club, be serious about it.”

She told the judge that she was not under the influence and that was being serious.

The judge ordered Soto to be held on $5,000 bond, to which Soto just laughed in response. Then she tells the judge, “Adios” as she walked away.

The judge ordered her back to the podium and increased her bond to $10,000. Soto stopped laughing at that point.

She asked, “Are you serious?” to which the judge replied, “I am serious. Adios.”


Soto, clearly upset, flipped him off and called him an expletive as she walked away.

The judge found her in direct criminal contempt and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

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  • Martha candy

    Her bond was increased due to her stupidity.

  • Mickey Houston

    The woman knew she would be sentenced after all, Hence she decided to just annoy the judge.

  • Elizabeth Daniel

    It seems like the woman is insane, the way she laughed shows a sign of head sickness.

  • Emillo jons

    Am certain that the woman was under influence of drugs

  • Shalon Marcars

    She deserved more days sentence, She is too dis-respective