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Woman Is In Love With A Tree

woman standing beside a treeA woman from Kamloops, British Columbia is in love with an oak tree.

Retired nurse, Val Theroux, says she encountered the tree in 2008 while on a trip to England. She was holding workshops in reiki, a type of holistic therapy, in Britain at the time of her encounter with the tree.

The oak tree is in New Forest, Hampshire.

The Toronto star reached Theroux while she was in Dublin, Ireland. She told The Star, “I do love the tree, but I don’t know about being in love with the tree.”

The 64-year-old claims that she feels that the tree speaks to her heart.

She was quite amused that her “love affair” with the tree made headlines even in the Daily Mail of London. The paper called the tree as her “trunk a burnin’ love.”

Her husband John, 63, calls the oak tree as her “tree lover.”

Theroux feels that she feels good when she’s around the tree and that they have some kind of communication between them.

However, she says tress don’t literally speak.

“Trees don’t speak English because, you know, they are not humans. They speak tree, whatever that is.”

She believes that her skills in reiki and shamanism may have something to do with this special connection to objects.

“Different people have different affinities for different things. I have great affinities for the trees and I particularly love the trees over here … it is not an unnatural relationship. It doesn’t replace a human relationship, it’s just another relationship

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