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Woman Keeps 100 Dead Cats In Freezer (VIDEO)

Woman with a 100 dead cats? Talk about hoarding. Have you seen the worst of the worse? Perhaps not yet.

The US show Hoarders has featured another form of hoarding.

A woman named Terry, took the TV crew on a tour of her macabre collection.

The collection?

A hundred dead cats in her freezer!

Dozens of dead animals are stuffed in her fridge and freezer in vacuum-sealed plastic bags.

She said she took in unwanted kittens a years ago, but it became out of control when the cats mated.

She could not afford to take care of the cats properly so many died. With no money to get them cremated, she decided to store their bodies instead.

She told the show, “I know I should be disposing of them, but I just love my little cats and I don’t want them to leave me.”

The TV crew has cleaned up Terry’s house and has gotten rid of her morbid hoard of dead animals.

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