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Woman Kills Boyfriend For Breaking Iphone

teen killed in hit and run by girlfriend over iphoneA Bronx woman killed her teenage boyfriend after he broke her iPhone.

Jasmine Diaz, 25, sped off in her SUV and hit her boyfriend, 17-year-old Frankie Hernandez. Just before the alleged attack, the couple were fighting at around 1:30 a.m on MOrris Ave.

Police and family members say the argument was because Hernandez dropped Diaz’ iPhone.

Hernandez’ mother, Iris, was inconsolable after they found his body in the street.

“I ran down to the street and it was too late.”

She told the NY Daily News that his son’s head was crushed and that there was blood everywhere.

Hernandez was taken to Lincoln Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The teen’s brother, Cesar, said he ran outside when he heard screaming in the street.

“I heard the rubber burning and saw her just drive off,” he said.

“By the time I got to him, he was trying to talk, but just bubbles came out of his mouth.”

Diaz and Hernandez started a relationship a year ago. According to family members, they had a turbulent relationship.

After the incident, Diaz left her SUV near her mother’s apartment in the Bronx. She has been in police custody since Wednesday.

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  • Lynne Smith

    Unbelievable??!! I cannot imagine there are people who could kill their boyfriend for breaking her iPhone! :-(