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Woman Married Her Father

Ohio woman married her own father.

Valerie Spruill, 60, was raised by her grandparents. She was told that her biological mother was a “family friend” and her grandfather was her father. She only learned the truth about her grandfather and mother at age 9.

At the time she was told that her biological mother was a prostitute. Her mother went to jail on sex charges in 1980. Her biological father, Percy Spruill, was 15 when he met Valerie’s mother.

Valerie met Percy with no clue of his connection to her. They later married.

Valerie admits that she heard rumours that Percy was her father, but only found out the truth after his death.

In 1998, Percy died at the age of 60. A few years later, Valerie’s uncle told her the rumours were true. Using hair from a hairbrush, a DNA test was conducted and confirmed her paternity.

She believes Percy knew the truth, but was afraid to confront her.

Valerie hopes that her story can be an inspiration for people who have family problems.

She states:

“It needs to be told, because children need to know where they come from. And I know it hurts, because I have been devastated by this.”

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