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Woman Punches Older Lady At Ross Dress For Less Store (VIDEO)

A woman punches an older lady while inside a Ross Dress For Less store in Hollywood, CA.

The woman in a yellow shirt was talking and cursing loudly on her cellphone when an older lady asked her to refrain from doing so.


The older woman was concerned that children might hear her cursing and that her phone conversation was inappropriate.

The woman in the yellow shirt became agitated and started swearing at the old woman. Moments later, she walks up to the older woman and punches her. The old woman falls down.

Another woman starts taking pictures of the woman in the yellow shirt telling her that the older lady can call the police on her.

What do you think of the woman yellow? Was she provoked?

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  • Paloma

    Even if the woman with the yellow shirt was provoked, The elder woman was right warning her to mind her language because of the children

  • Christopher

    If those supposed to be our role models will fight, abuse and curse loudly in the street, What will children do?

  • Tyler

    I wonder when will learn about keeping off other people’s affairs

    • Eric Lencher

      Stop trolling retard. When people are in public, and swearing in stores in front of others, it’s everyone who is there’s business. Now run along, retard. It’s clear you are just a troll or a coward. Take your pick. Either way, in real life, you probably suck dick! LMAO

  • Adries

    The woman with the yellow skirt is so manners.

  • Bradon

    No matter how angry the woman with the yellow shirt was, she was not supposed to curse loudly.

  • Tommas

    The old woman provoked the other one because of meddling in her business.

  • Tobit

    That old woman got what she deserved .

  • Xamption

    Fat´╗┐ bitch got a sick right cross!!

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Very bad to see :(

  • Liz

    Good for that old bitch! This is not 1950 and this is a free country, any grown up has every right to curse.