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Woman Raped By Father Seeks Justice

A woman who was sexually abused by her father seeks justice against him.

Tiara Stevens says her now 14-year-old son have a very close relationship. But she says there are times she gets confused by their relationship. There are times she feels he is her son, but there are days she feels he is her brother. For Stevens from Lancaster County, SC, the boy is both her son and brother.

She said her father used to come into her room late at night. She told a reporter that she used to cry herself to sleep every time she was raped.

She wants her dad to go to jail not just probation.

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  • Dell stein

    This father is the real SON OF THE BITCH.

  • LoliPop

    Ohhh lord!! Where the world goes? Father and Daughter sex!! God save us..

  • BoyDeppy

    Where was her mother at the time?

    • Meski

      May be she is dead.

  • Tim Clerk

    Unbelievable incest story!! He might be the DIRTY DAD ever >_<

  • Mark Fuller

    Sad as hell, pervert azz daddy need to be shot, execution style!

  • Sheri

    That is my question, where was her mother? It’s sad that she couldn’t even trust the one man in her life that was supposed to guide her and show her what a real man is. Now here son is going to have many hurdles ahead at the hands of his dad/grandpa. I’m pray for her and her son.

  • Bresnan

    This mother f***er DAD should be punished for this work.

  • Gracia

    Ohh GOD!! I can’t believe this news!