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Woman Runs Over Husband For Not Voting

A woman from Arizona almost killed her husband for not voting.

Holly Solomon ran over her husband because he did not vote.

Apparently the woman was quite upset that Obama was re-elected. And when she found out that her husband did not vote she went over the edge. She hit the gas and pinned him to the ground.

Solomon’s husband is currently in the hospital in critical condition while Holly is in custody.

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  • Xamtion

    Its really funny how she predicted her own future. Ha..Ha…Ha…!!

  • Fatema

    She is obviously a psychopath.

  • Rayan

    Well, the woman is unquestionably a psychopath, yet these red/blue fools insist on dragging her into their political muck.

  • Virat

    I guess nobody told her Arizona is not a swing state.

  • William B

    Awwwwwuh! She is really crazy!

  • Gracia

    Stupid dumb racist, hope you stay in jail.

  • Yoga Lee

    Republicans come unglued! Talk about a bat crap crazy sore loser!

  • Povoloski

    OMG! What a supporter!