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Woman Stuck In A Speeding Car (VIDEO)

Police video captured a woman stuck in a speeding car.

Lauri Ulvestad was coming home from a weekend in Kansas City. However, after a gas stop in northern Missouri her SUV went out of control.

Her accelerator became stuck and kept the car going for miles on the highway.

She describes that her foot was not on the accelerator when she lost control. The emergency brake was also engaged.

Ulvestad tried to press the brakes, but it did not work. The car kept going until it reached speeds of up to 120 mph.

She called 911 while police tried to catch up to her. She swerved through traffic narrowly missing other cars. She drove on the median just to make sure she did not hit anyone on the road. At one point, she drove through a construction zone.

When she reached Osceola, she was told the lift up the accelerator and push the brake. The car made an abrupt stop on the side of the highway. While the sudden stop gave her the opportunity to get out of the vehicle, the car seems to keep going.

An officer was able to get control of the car after. Ulvestad was shaken by the incident, but was not hurt.

SUV speeding in the highway by a big truck