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Woman Swallows A Blade

This mom gulped down a blade from her Ice-crushing machine.

The blade from Jodie Fletcher’s ice crusher broke when she used it to crush ice. She unknowingly spooned ice into her mouth while she watched TV.

Her mouth began to bleed because the blade sliced her throat. She was soon rushed to the hospital.

The blade is shown embedded in her stomach in an x-ray.

Doctors told her that the blade may cause internal bleeding.

She says,” I’m terrified I might die because of eating crushed ice.”

Fletcher’s doctors say that it’s best to let the blade pass naturally in her system. But she and her boyfriend were told to call an ambulance if she suffers pain which could mean the blade is severing a vein that could cause internal bleeding.

The Biffnet ice crushing machine which the blade broke from was purchased from the supermarket, Lidl.

Lidl is investigating the incident and said: “We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Terrill for any distress.”

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  • JhonX

    Really dangerous!

  • Fatema

    OMG! Dangerous!

  • Elly

    She should keep cool in a situation like that.