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Woman with two uteruses gave birth to two babies

Another woman who has two uteruses delivers two babies.

Alison Camp, also has the a rare condition called uterine didelphys.

Her pregnancy last year was considered high-risk. In October, a decision was made to deliver the babies 14 weeks premature. the babies weighed less than a pound when they were born and had to stay in the hospital.

Today, one baby they named Carter, went home with the couple. However, he still needs a heart and respiratory monitor. Their other baby boy, Griffin, remains at the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, but he’s expected to go home with his parents soon.

  • BallyDance

    congratulation !!Carter and Griffin in ours world.

  • Adam Kimberlin

    I’m amazed to read this post !!!

  • Knijov Dimitri

    Thanks God to keep Carter and Griffin well. Wishing a bright future for them !!