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Women Skydive in Their Underwear (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Jennifer Hoffman and Marisa Gallegos plan to skydive while wearing only lingerie.

The two founded the company, Esme & Eve Photography in Los Angeles. The two along with five brave women plan on jumping from an airplane wearing nothing but parachutes and lingerie.

The naked jump is part of “Be Bold. Take the Leap” initiative that the two women hope to urge others to “face their fears, take a risk and push against whatever is holding them back from carrying out their dreams.”

Each participant has lived through traumatic events in their lives. One had a death in her family while another coped with being a rape victim.

“All these women have terrific stories,” Hoffman told “I get really motivated by these women. We all follow the tragedies of our lives, but we don’t follow the triumphs. We want to highlight the triumphs.”

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  • Elly

    Those daring young ladies in a flying striptease?

  • Virat

    I think they should go naked all the time that way men will know what their getting into before spending time and money before they see them naked !

  • Jonathon

    Wearing nothing but their underwear… and a skydiver strapped to their backs!

  • Irena

    I don’t think they’re conquering their fears as much as having fun making spectacles of themselves.

  • Tim Clerk

    Next time, ladies, you all should REALLY bare your souls and skydive naked!!!

  • Favio

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s plane. It’s a bra??

  • JhonX

    But why in their underwear???