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Women With 2 Vaginas Gets XXX Film Offer

It was not surprising that Hazel Jones, the woman who has two vaginas, was reportedly offered $1 million to make an adult film.

The 27-year-old British woman recently became a celebrity after appearing on a talk show to discuss her rare condition. She has “uterus didelphys” which caused her to develop two sets of fully functional reproductive organs.

Steve Hirsch, founder of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment, reached out to the young lady after the story broke out. He offered her a starring role in one of his film productions.

He wrote to her saying, “You are obviously an extraordinary woman and I would like to make you an offer to star in an
upcoming Vivid production. We would pay you up to $1 million for your services.”

He offered Jones a pick of any XXX partner she wants in her movie. “We would fly you out to L.A. as soon as you are available and provide you with first class accommodations,” Hirsch adds.

At this time, he has not received a reply from Jones.

It would be interesting to get people to vote on a title for the film. We vote “Double trouble.” How about you?