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  • Yoga Lee

    Wow!! Just wondering !!!

  • Unnamed

    Really a big one. Just like a bus with full of passengers.

  • Tim Clerk

    I’m also wondering, if they can keep their balance while it’s in motion.

    • William B

      They can keep their balance as you might be see that, the motorcycle have more than 2 wheels !!!

  • Chris Benison

    It seems like this is not true?? lol how you could drive a motorcycle like that? lol

  • Louie

    This motorcycle rocks! Where can I buy like this? lol

  • Clara

    Wow! Amazing!! Wanna ride on it 😉

  • Allen

    Can I ride in that motorcycle too?? lol

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Wow amazing! I wonder too… how to keep their balance on that huge motorcycle!

  • Tom

    I love to ride on that motorcycle!

  • Ramon

    OMG!!! What a bike !!! It’ll must be the biggest motorcycle in the earth !!!!