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World’s Largest Bra Up For Auction

The World’s largest bra is up for auction.

The pink “mega 1,360B size” bra is available for purchase on eBay. The starting bid is $800.

The bra was designed by London sailmaker M. Putt Sailmakers and created by Vanish brand and the Chillisauce event management agency. The bra was created for the Breast Cancer Campaign’s “Wear It PInk” day last year.

The people behind the world’s largest bra hope to build awareness and involvement in Wear It PInk Day and raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

The bra is up for bid until October 28. The largest bra also comes with the Guinness World Records official certificate.

The 1,360B bra caught headlines last year when it was hung from the ITV Tower in London.

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  • Masum

    I think, it still too small for Christina Hendricks…

  • Hussain

    I think it’ll perfect for Kardashians rear end 😉 Huh!!

    • Tittery

      …also for her big breasts 😉

  • Povoloski

    If you believe in God then everything must be God’s will… however if you don’t, then nothing can be God’s will.

  • Bolt

    Oh God!! Finally! A bra that will fit my girlfriend 😉

  • Fatema

    Who’s bra is that?

  • Favio

    Hey, Please tell me that don’t belong to any of Women from the “View” ! It is too close to Halloween!

  • Mark Fuller

    Hey, I wanna buy it for my GF 😉