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World’s Oldest Dad – 96-Years-Old

A man became the World’s Oldest dad at age 96. He beat the record that he set himself two years ago.

Ramjeet Raghav fathered two sons with his wife Shakuntala. The 96-year-old was the world record holder in 2010 when his wife gave birth to their first son Vikramjeet.

Their second son, Ranjeet, was born 4 lb 7 oz.

Shakuntala is said to be 60-year-old.

The family lives in a two-room hut in Kharkhoda, India.

Last year, Ramjeet said he didn’t want a second child. However, after having Ranjeet, he said, “I feel lucky to have two healthy sons. It will be tough, but I’m a happy man.”

He has also told the Sun that he has asked his wife to be sterilized.

“I don’t want more children, we can’t afford it. I want my boys to go to a school and study.”

“I will do my best to give them what they need in life.”

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