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World’s Tallest Building Pierces Fog (PHOTOS)

The world’s tallest building in Dubai pokes out of the fog.

The image of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, is seen poking out of the fog. It almost looks like a scene from a science fiction movie. Perhaps the image might even be used for such a film.

Every year fog covers the tall buildings in Dubai. The natural phenomena happens every year around this time. The temperature drops and humidity meets the cool air. It forms a rolling fog that covers the top of buildings.

However, this image of buildings draped in fog can only be seen at sunrise.

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  • Julia

    Wow.. It is wonderful!

  • Tittery

    Really a beautiful scenery!! Just love it…

  • Jonathon

    Hey, a single room please, yes I’ll have one above the clouds!

  • Irena

    Dubai is really interesting. Hope I’ll be there soon.. :0

  • Hussain

    Stunning. Just stunning!!!!

  • Virat

    The photographer here was obviously at the top of Index Tower, judging by the view he had. Great pictures anyway!!

  • Yoga Lee

    That’s pretty amazing, I must say, I would love to visit there.

  • William B

    Great view! Really very cool city!!!

  • Daniel

    I love skyscraper that literally dwarf all other buildings around it like this :)

  • Tim Clerk

    It is the tallest building in this earth!!!

    • Daniel

      Undoubtedly 😉