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  • Vanity Poe

    Can I say.. “Wii” I agree with all of your comments .. :-) Wii I really do! lol

  • Clara

    Nice fact… Yeah…!!

  • John Rey

    Wii or Oui is “yes” whatever! I never knew that term since today! lol

    • Marsha Sanchez

      Yeah, me too. Thanks for posting this, It makes me really laugh out loud.. :- )

  • Lynne Smith

    Now I know! Very funny I do not understand at first. lol :-) super like!

  • Jane

    ohh I see lolzz.. Thanks for sharing this..:-)

  • Hussain

    May be.. I’m not sure…

  • Tim Clerk

    YES??? That means Wii=Yes ??

    • Allen

      Wii sounds like Oui which mean “yes” in french… Nice fact :-)