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  • Eden

    Can I take you home little kitten? there’s a lot of couch you could choose for in here! lol

  • Jackson

    I’ve a cat like this. My cat like to sleep in coach and love to do his “Peeing” on it..lolll

    • Jones

      Really ??? You make me lolll, man 😉

  • Karen

    :-) This kitten really love to sleep in the couch!

  • Meski

    I understand that, you love the coach :) Okay ??

  • Gerry C

    Ahhh!! Might be this kitty get hurt from his mate :( Really sad..

  • Fatema

    I can understand you dear Kit Cat 😉

  • Allen

    Cutie Kitty! The coach is all yours!

  • Lauren Swift

    We understand you cute kitty! :-)

  • Marsha Sanchez

    I missed my Kitten who passed away last month

  • Vanity Poe

    I hate kittens on my coach but this pic is so cute.