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YouTube To Offer TV Subscription For $5 A Month

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YouTube plans to charge £3 a month for TV subscription.

Google-owned YouTube, is expected to make consumers pay subscription fees to access some of its content starting in the spring.

This decision is an aggressive move by the company to compete with traditional TV advertisers and viewers.

According to Daily Mail, the first channels could be available by Easter and YouTube will reportedly charge 60p ($1) and £3 ($5) a month. Not bad considering Netflix is about $8 a month.

YouTube may also extend the service to access live events like pay-per-view, self-help and financial advice shows.

At this point, content has been free to consumers and supported by advertising.

YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar says this could help second or third-tier cable networks that have trouble building big audiences on cable TV to get subscription fees from distributors.

Internet distribution would allow some of these networks to directly access their niche market with lower costs.

“There are lot of our content creators that think they would benefit from subscriptions, so we’re looking at that,” Kamangar said.

YouTube plans to start off with 25 channels and go from there.

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