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Zombie Marathon Race (VIDEO)

Step aside Warrior Dash! A Zombie marathon race is quickly gaining momentum in themed races.

Modeled after a similar race in the United States, a themed Zombie marathon was held in Laguna, Philippines Sunday. As participants raced to the finish line, they were met by zombies along the way.

Two hundred actors dressed as Zombies to create an obstacle for the runners. According to marathon organizers, this was a great way to keep runners focused without getting bored.

A No contact rule was imposed in order to keep both zombies and runners safe. Runners wore three flags where zombies can grab. Once all three flags are gone, the runner is deemed “dead.”

Many were quite entertained with the Zombie marathon. Some came to the realization of a post-apocalyptic zombie event that you may be on your own when faced with a Zombie crisis.

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